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The menu, at Spicy Bistro restaurant in ALAMEDA Hotel Mercure, is sophisticated, but at the same time simple and top of the range. The international award winner Executive Chef, Angel Valdivieso, has created dishes that will surprise and delight your senses. In our hotel, we take advantage of the world-renowned Ecuadorian products, such as shrimp and prawns, to create traditional and original recipes. During your stay, be sure to try these unique treats offered only at this hotel in Quito.
The Spicy Bistro gets transformed at lunchtime. We offer the best buffet in Quito Monday to Sunday. A symphony of salads, meat, poultry, seafood, and a range of desserts including assorted fruits of this green country are exhibited generously for our guests and friends who want to try a little of everything. Oh! And soups are never lacking in our menu. Ecuador is the king of soups and our chef strives to offer the best of these dishes every day.
Our restaurant has an island where sushi is prepared and delicious shashimi is available at all times. Our dishes could be served with fine wines from all over the world. The Mercure Hotel ALAMEDA, the best hotel in Quito, makes each year a blind wine tasting event which attracts the interest of professionals and lovers of the “drink of the gods”, as we call them here. That is where our wine menu comes from. Our prices are completely affordable because the Mercure chain is a good French ambassador who seeks to spread the wine culture in all countries in which it operates, and the city of Quito is no exception.
We cannot fail to mention our panoramic kitchen that is equipped with a see-through wall, where you can see the movement that happens inside. You are welcome to check the hygiene of the facilities in this great Hotel as you watch how the food is prepared. This level of hygiene has earned us the GMP certification. Remember we are located in the corner of Av. Amazonas Avenue and Roca Street, in the commercial and financial center of the city of Quito.

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Monday to Friday (06h00 to 23h00)

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