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Bakery - Coffee - Lunch

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This is the space for friends and clients that carry a hurry. The letter is colorful, casual, suggesting dishes and sandwiches prepared quickly for anyone to delay its obligations. But the Alameda Q also has an interesting range of cafés, ideal for those who want to maintain a delicious, long chat.

The Alameda Q has access to Avenida Amazonas, a major city of Quito. It has a small terrace surrounded by bamboo trees.Passersby can not resist entering a moment to enjoy the place and, of course, the letter offers a variety and sandwiches, pizzas and chopped that can be combined with a wide range of natural fruit juices.

The Alameda Q offers breakfast and lunch with affordability. Even they can be packed lunches. Throughout the day, in this place you can feast on the delights of our bakery. A rich freshly baked bread can taste it in the place where an atmosphere of informality and warmth breathe.


7h30 to 19h30 Monday to Friday

8h00 to 15h00 Saturday and Sunday

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